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Football Manager 2024: All new features

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FM24 features
Credit: Sports Interactive

If you’re an FM fanatic looking for Football Manager 2024 new features, then grab some popcorn as there are a tonne of interesting developments that Sports Interactive has included within this upcoming title.

Football Manager 2024 is all set for launch on 6 November with the beta out two weeks before launch, and with players eager to get their hands on the game, we’ve written up a detailed post that explores all new aspects of the football management simulation.

The FM 2024 new features include extensive improvements to player recruitment and club finance elements, as those working behind the scenes have poured in countless hours over the past year to streamline the decision-making and team selection capabilities of AI managers in the game.

Football Manager 2024 new features

Anyway, let’s get back on topic by exploring the new feature set for Football Manager 2024 as we are now just one month away from finally getting our hands on the new game!

fc 24
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1. Smarter transfers

The Football Manager team has looked at recent developments in the football transfer market and endeavoured to reflect some of the most pertinent trends that we’ve seen in the real world.

AI managers are now programmed to factor in elements like player form and reputation when it comes to player recruitment. What this means is that you’ll likely see an opposition team adjust their sights onto other transfer targets should they be able to demonstrate excellent performance.

So, for example, a team could pick up a striker on a hot streak of goal-scoring form in the winter or summer transfer window. In the current climate, someone like Serhou Guirassy, who has 10 Bundesliga goals and an assist for VfB Stuttgart after five games, would be an ideal candidate.

What’s even more interesting about the transfer improvements is that AI managers will now be able to recognise imbalances in the make-up of their squads, as well as take their tactical style into consideration when shortlisting players.

Here’s a quote on this directly from the developers:

“This means that they’ll look to fill Attribute gaps in their squad. So, a manager using a Gegenpress approach will look specifically for midfielders with high Stamina and Work Rate Attributes if they determine that their squad is missing such a player.”

An AI manager’s approach to transfers also now places much more focus on the potential ability of talent as opposed to their current performance capability, especially when they’re looking to recruit a rotation option for a first-team player.

2. Player development variations

On a similar note, the Football Manager development team have upgraded the way AI managers within the game select their match-day squads.

You’ll no longer have to gaze at your screen in disbelief when you face Manchester City who have a team full of veteran players on the brink of retirement, such as a 38-year-old Erling Haaland leading the line or a 39-year-old Rodri pulling the strings in midfield.

Essentially, the game will prioritise youth prospects and ensure that they get ample game time, whether that involves coming off of the bench in the latter stages of games as well as featuring more prominently in easy league fixtures as well as domestic cup games.

Furthermore, player development in the game won’t just follow a linear curve as it always has done. Some players will see accelerated improvement in their attributes within their teenage years before reaching their potential ability ceiling earlier on in their careers.

The game will also now recognise “late bloomers” who break through and become top players in their late twenties. This is great as you’re more likely to see players having late-developing careers like Jamie Vardy’s, where he burst onto the Premier League scene at 25 years of age.

3. Book balancing

Balancing the books - navigating insufficient transfer budget scenarios
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Credit: Football Manager

Another aspect of Football Manager 2024 that has changed for the better is the balancing of financial books, which has been refined to better reflect the financial situations of clubs in the modern game.

One instance is if you happen to overspend your available funds in the transfer market, you’ll receive an inbox item alerting you to the fact that you now have a negative transfer budget. You’ll then be prompted to sell players to get back into the green.

Should you be unable to offload enough players to generate a positive budget, your board will take control of your finances and start to sell players that they deem surplus to requirements!

But don’t worry, as you’ll regain control of this aspect of the game when the necessary amount of funds has been raised or when the transfer window slams shut.

4. Added Financial Fair Play (FFP) integration

Football Manager 2024 - refined Financial Fair Play regulations
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Credit: Football Manager

Perhaps one of the most exciting features you’ll be eager to see in action is how the game responds to FFP breaches. This is because there are new sanctions in force, including:

  • Transfer spending restrictions
  • Squad size limits
  • Financial fines
  • Withholding of competition income

If you’re on the edge of breaching FFP rules, you’ll receive an email notification in your inbox alerting you to the fact that your wage budget has been locked.

On a separate note, clubs placed into administration will have their transfer funds withdrawn and the administrators will be allowed to listen to and consider any reasonable transfer offers for your players that could raise capital to pay off the debts.

5. Squad evolution with new intermediaries

Football Manager 2024 - using intermediaries to offload unwanted players
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Credit: Football Manager

Squad building within Football Manager 2024 has become even more granular, as player agents have once again received more of an influence when it comes to transfer proceedings.

The game includes a new ‘Ask Agent About Market Interest’ option that allows you to gauge how much money you can receive for one of your players should you attempt to sell them.

Another completely new aspect here relates to intermediaries, who are brokers that you can hire to help facilitate a sale for your players. You’d use an intermediary if the player’s agent is refusing to cooperate when it comes to the sale of a player that they represent.

An intermediary can also be utilised when you feel that offers you’ve received for transfer-listed players don’t meet your expected valuation.

Intermediaries are recruited by your Director of Football to help drum up interest for these unwanted players and they’ll be able to assist you in securing moves for these sellable players for a percentage cut of the final transfer fee, which is capped at a maximum of 10% of the overall transfer fee, exactly the way it works in the professional game.

6. Offloading players via TransferRoom

Football Manager 2024 - TransferRoom digital interface to see offers from other clubs for your players
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Credit: Football Manager

Another addition to the latest edition of the Football Manager series is TransferRoom – a digital service intended to replace the previous ‘Offer to Clubs’ option in the game as a simple way to reach out to other teams with players that you want to part ways with.

How this works is that your staff will put together a list of offers for you from interested clubs, and they’ll inform you of any interest in your players with ample notice.

Offers for your unwanted players should come in throughout different points of the season, so you can expect the frequency of responses from interested parties to vary as you progress within your save.

All in all, it’s safe to say that we expect all FM24 new features to make this version of the game a packed blockbuster of a football management game, and we can’t wait to get stuck in as soon as it launches in early November.

7. Player Targets

In Football Manager 24, the innovative 'player targets' feature has been introduced to empower managers. It allows managers to set performance targets for their squad, including training improvements, goals, assists, clean sheets, and match performances. These targets can be set during player feedback, loan discussions, contract negotiations, or renewals, with input from both the player and their agent. Factors like the player's personality and relationship with the manager are essential considerations.

fm targets
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For instance, during contract negotiations, a manager can align a playing time promise with a specific target. If a young striker aims to be a Regular Starter in the 2025/26 season, a goal tally in league matches for the 2024/25 season can be agreed upon.

Managers can monitor progress through the Targets tab on the Home screen, where loaned players' targets are highlighted in purple. Loaned players may have targets from their parent clubs, reinforcing the importance of adhering to loan conditions.

fm 24
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Staff advice helps managers offer targets effectively. Successfully meeting targets can lead to promises like new contracts. Conversely, target failures trigger notifications and discussions, where players may reference positive performance metrics.

In cases of injury, players understand the target couldn't be met. Overall, 'player targets' in FM24 provide UK managers with a powerful tool to motivate and challenge their players, aiding in their development and performance improvement.

8. Interaction logic changes

Football Manager 24 introduces 'player targets' as part of a broader effort to enhance immersion. The game designers have refined interactions to make them more realistic, including introducing nuanced responses with over 2,000 new AI responses. This leads to more believable reactions from players, improving context and clarity in conversations. Unrealistic player unhappiness is addressed, and promises have clearer requirements. These changes result in more realistic reactions and constructive conversations with players and staff, enhancing the overall gaming experience in FM24.

9. More information from staff

In FM24, Staff Meetings have received improvements for greater customisation and relevance. You can now skip individual meeting topics that aren't of interest, tailoring the conversation to your preferences. Meeting Preferences can be adjusted to include subtopics, receive summaries in your inbox, or skip specific topics.

In these meetings, suggested backroom staff hires now display key Attributes for the job role and provide context for their recommendation, enhancing your decision-making.

fm 24
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These enhancements, along with player targets and interaction changes, foster more realistic conversations and help you set important goals for players and effectively communicate with your staff. Explore other feature additions, including new Intermediaries and Squad Building changes, and stay tuned for exclusive content in October for FMFC members on gameplay upgrades and broader FM24 enhancements.

10. New position role

Inverted Full-Back (Defend)

In Football Manager 24, the introduction of the Inverted Full-Back player role marks a significant stride towards aligning the game with modern football trends. Inspired by the likes of Kyle Walker from Manchester City and fervently requested by the gaming community, this innovative role seamlessly transitions from a conventional Full-Back during defensive phases to a third central defender in possession.

Inverted Full-Back Defend
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When operating in conjunction with other central defenders, the outermost two assume the role of Wide Centre-Backs, granting the freedom to the defender on the side of the pitch with the ball to advance and bolster the team's attacking efforts. This exciting addition not only allows for experimentation with three-at-the-back formations while defending in a back four, mirroring strategies employed by top-tier football clubs but also liberates another member of the defensive line to venture into the midfield, offering players a dynamic tactical edge.

Enhanced Libero

Pep Guardiola's innovative tactical influence, as seen with John Stones' transition from centre-back to midfield, is now replicated in FM24 with enhancements to the Libero role. This versatile role can operate in both back four and back three formations, moving into defensive midfield similar to the Inverted Wing-Back. The adjustments extend to midfielders accommodating the Libero's forward movement, while central defenders adapt according to the number of active players in the backline, enhancing coverage across the pitch. Notably, if an Inverted Wing-Back and Libero share the same side, the former takes priority in transitional movements. These Libero changes, along with others, introduce greater fluidity and dynamism to your tactical strategies, as demonstrated in the accompanying clip.

11. More authentic ball movement

In conjunction with the visibly improved player movement across the pitch, FM24 has undertaken significant changes to its ball physics system to enhance realism. The game's engine now meticulously models drag and air resistance, resulting in a more authentic portrayal of the ball's flight and spin, as well as more lifelike deflections. Additionally, external factors like weather conditions, stadium altitude, and temperature now influence the ball's movement. These changes are vividly illustrated in the accompanying video below.

fm 24
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Supporting these ball physics adjustments are enhancements to player dribbling and finishing. FM24 has implemented more realistic ball friction with the ground, ensuring that dribbling attempts respond realistically to pitch and weather conditions. Furthermore, players exhibit improved decision-making by avoiding unnecessary runs to the byline, instead slowing down earlier to engage opposing defenders. These alterations also enable players to execute volleys into the ground and connect with downward headers more effectively when the situation demands it.

12. Set piece refresh and coaches debut

New backroom staff will be joining Football Manager 24 with a first look into a new coach called the 'Set Piece Coach'. This adds to set pieces being even more effective with new coaches being able to help players develop set piece abilities.

backroom staff
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The introduction of these new coaches in FM24 brings an immediate impact on your careers, particularly about the revamped Set Piece Creator. This creator represents a significant departure from our previous approach to set pieces. Instead of focusing on players' positions within your tactic, the emphasis now lies on selecting players with the most suitable Attributes for each routine and scenario.

Whether you're continuing a save from FM23 or embarking on a fresh footballing journey, your Set Piece Coach will guide you through six key questions, addressing both defensive and offensive preferences for dead ball situations.

FM 24 set pieces
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The initial question delves into your choice of defending strategy – Zonal, Hybrid, or Man Marking – each option is accompanied by contextual explanations, visualisations, and tooltips highlighting their respective advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, your Set Piece Coach will indicate their preferred choice. Subsequent questions cover aspects such as the aggressiveness of counter-attacks from your opponent's set pieces, your takers' target areas (near post, far post, or centre of the box), and your preference for in-swinging or out-swinging deliveries.

Your Set Piece coach in FM 24 will use their expertise to create their own set-piece tactics that you can then edit.

When these routines are created, you’ll now see that every set piece has specific roles attached to it. For example, at a corner, the key roles outside of the taker are:

  • Aerial Threat
  • Box Threat
  • Recovery Defender
  • Creators
set piece
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Your Set Piece Coach will now inquire about your preferences for handling throw-ins in three distinct areas of the pitch: defensive, midfield, and attacking thirds. In the defensive and midfield zones, you'll have the choice between 'retaining possession' and 'working the line.' Meanwhile, when it comes to the attacking third, you can opt to 'work the ball into the box' or opt for a more direct approach with a 'long throw.'

throw in
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It's important to note that the set piece routines generated by your Set Piece Coach are not rigid, and you have the flexibility to edit, modify, and tailor them according to your preferences. However, if you're satisfied with the routines, your Set Piece Coach can play a pivotal role by taking on full responsibility for all aspects of set pieces in your managerial career.

If desired, they can manage training, update personnel, and maintain the list of set-piece takers as you make changes to your team and squad. This newfound collaboration ensures that your set piece strategies align precisely with your preferences, allowing you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish, all while benefiting from the expertise and support of a specialised coach.

fm 24 staff
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In addition to assisting in the creation and refinement of your set piece strategies, FM24 will provide enhanced insights into your opponents' approaches.

New visual aids have been introduced to depict the proficiency of strong teams and individual players in both attacking and defending set pieces.

Another valuable visual element highlights the preferred delivery targets of opposing teams, facilitating collaboration with your backroom staff to continuously evolve and adapt your tactics for each fixture.

fm 24
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13. Quality of Life Upgrades (Part one)

The Quality of Life changes are smaller changes, that improve the overall quality of the gameplay in FM24. Here we will highlight each of the newest upgrades to the game.

Fixture Scheduling

A lot of issues relating to fixture congestion have been fixed, particularly for those clubs competing in continental club competitions. So, if you're playing in multiple competitions in FM24, you should now find fewer instances of fixture pile-ups at the end of the season.

Attribute changes for staff

Just as the Attribute changes of your players are displayed in the Training section of the game, you’ll now find that the Attribute changes of non-playing staff are now shown in the Coaching tab within their profile. This ultimately allows you to have better insight into their personal progression.

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FM24 Staff attributes

Youth System Rankings

A new youth system ranking has been added to show you how you’re doing in relation to the Club Vision objective of becoming ‘the best youth system’. Certain milestones, like becoming the best in your country, will trigger an inbox item that will clearly indicate where your club ranks among other top academies.

Use Last Year's Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct news item, which lets you set disciplinary measures for your team, will now default to the most recently set Code of Conduct, making it easier for you to accept it and keep it consistent from season to season.

Accessibility Improvements

Improving the accessibility of FM has been a big goal in recent years and FM24 features a number of new additions in this area. There is now a font description widget in the game, a notification for players that they will be taken out of the game when opening the Privacy Policy, an epilepsy warning when you first launch the game, and general improvements to sliders. All of these improvements should help the game to be more compliant with the best practices for accessibility.

Manager Creation Improvements

FM24 features a number of character improvements that give you more options for customisation and inclusivity. This year’s changes include:

  • Facegen improvements - we've pushed the tech as far as it can go before our engine change for FM25
  • New Hairstyles
  • Texture overhaul
  • Updated existing textures for Hairs
  • Addition of New outfits
  • Addition of Face Paint
  • Addition of Lapel Badges
  • Addition of Ability Aids
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FM24 Manager Creator

Reviewing your record against your rivals

This year, you now have the option to select which team you want to see your past results against rather than just your next opponent. With this added functionality, you should be able to plan ahead better for your future fixtures.

Dynamic Manager timeline

Having introduced the Dynamic Manager Timeline last year, there has been a number of new potential events added to it for FM24. These include:

  • Come from at least three goals behind to win or draw a match
  • Scoring a goal in added time (90+) to win or draw a game against your rivals
  • Title race "heads to the wire"
  • Youngest player to play for the club
  • Beating your rival after a certain number of years
  • Losing to your rival after a certain number of years
  • Giving a player an international debut
  • Spending a record amount on player

There are also tweaks to the card design, included changes to rare events to better showcase those moments within the Dynamic Manager Timeline.

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FM24 Manager Timeline

14. Quality of Life Upgrades (Part two)

In addition to the Quality of Life upgrades in part one, FM24 has eight more features that have been added, or updated, for the release of the new game. Let's see what else is new in Football Manager 2024.

Match Preparation

For FM24, developers have added a new Match Preparation tab to the Training section. This, and the Match Focus Session that lives there, are part of their continued attempts to mirror the way real clubs and managers do things.

Before each match you’ll receive a new inbox item that allows you to set one tactical focus and two set piece focuses in for your Match Focus Session.

When you click on the Tactical Preparation dropdown, options will appear for you to choose and, as you hover over, the description will change along with a suggestion from your staff about which tactic to deploy.

Similarly, clicking on either of the Set-Piece Preparation dropdowns will give you different options to choose from alongside staff recommendations on which routines to go for.

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Match Preparation

Match Briefing Feedback Panel

There have also been some improvements to the visual experience for the pre-match briefing feedback panel, including:

  • If your captain or vice-captain has a notable reaction, this will appear in your panel instead as the most important feedback piece
  • When other reactions are hovered over, the other players in agreement will be listed individually, so you can see exactly who is reacting positively and negatively
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Match Briefing FM24

Offer out on loan via the Development Centre

The Development Centre now includes the option to assess your young talents and offer them out to clubs directly with the aim of boosting their chances of first-team football. To save you time, there has been a button added next to the players that are recommended to be loaned out.

Player Swap Deals

When you’re in the middle of transfer negotiations and you’re looking to add a player to exchange, you are now able to select someone from a dropdown menu rather than needing to navigate to another screen and manually adding them from there by right-clicking.

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Player Exchange

Overview of Managers per competition

A competition-based panel now outlines all the managers in your league. This also includes a ‘Duration at Team’ measure, so you can easily compare your length of service to your rivals.

Most League title and Champions stats

New inbox items have been added that round up the teams with the most league titles in a division and deliver you the playing statistics of the team named champions.

Fantasy Draft Improvements

Fantasy Draft has received a number of quality of life improvements in FM24, including:

  • The shortlist functionality during the Draft now shows all the players you have shortlisted instead of only those players who match the restrictions.
  • Thankfully, a 'Skip Round' button has now been added.

Competition Rules

Every year our Rule Groups team make hundreds, if not thousands, of changes, to ensure that the league rules of every nation are up to date. Whether it’s changes to work permit rules, what separates teams on equal points, youth rules, or anything in-between, they work tirelessly to make sure things are right.

  1. Gibraltar is now a default playable nation, rather than a separate Steam Workshop download. That means that there are two new playable nations from the off this year with the previously announced addition of Japan’s top leagues through the J. League License.
  2. New English work permit system changes – including telling the world what ESC actually means!
  3. Large-scale competition format changes (inc. North American national team and club team competitions, 2026 World Cup format, new Club World Cup format from 2025)
  4. A dynamic English youth system has been enabled, whereby a club's youth team will now move up or down youth competition levels based on the club's youth rating.
  5. Allow functionality for more than three nations to host a tournament.
  6. In the Canadian Premier League, the end of season playoffs now has a dynamic format based on the teams adhering to the league rules that stipulate Under-21 players must play for a set number of minutes per season for their teams to be eligible for the playoffs.
  7. Substitution and foreign players rules across a number of leagues have been standardised, and also they have added some new rules to the Competition Rules screen, such as when prize money is paid out and which teams are ineligible for promotion.
  8. In Argentina, there’s a new aggregate table for qualification to continental club competitions.
  9. In Malaysia, the new foreign player rule for the Super League has been implemented.
  10. In Turkey, the dynamic drawing of teams for the 2. League Groups has also been implemented.

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