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FM24 Wonderkid Centre-Backs

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FM24 wonderkid centre-backs

Football Manager 2024, which was released on 6 November 2023, is currently the topic of interest among FM enthusiasts who are looking to learn more about the game, particularly the players. In our previous guide, we listed the best bargain players in FM24. In this one, we will introduce you to the Football Manager 2024 wonderkid centre-backs.

If you are searching for young talents, you can find them on the list of Football Manager 2024 wonderkids. You have access to the best scouts in FM24, but why waste your time and money when we can provide you with information on the wonderkid centre-backs in Football Manager 2024?

FM24 centre-back wonderkids

Wonderkids are young footballers with exceptional talent. They are usually aged 19 or younger and are rated on a scale of 1-200 based on their current ability (CA) and potential ability (PA).

It is important to note that a player's current ability can change during their career. Their potential ability is fixed at the time of creation and represents the player's maximum possible ability.

Take a look at the list of wonderkid centre-backs in Football Manager 2024.

Giorgio Scalvini

PA Range: 170 (fixed)

Giorgio Scalvini is one of the most promising young players from Italy. He also featured on the Football Manager 2024 Italian wonderkids list. Already regular at Atalanta and the Italian national team, Scalvini has everything required to become a superstar.

FM24 wonderkid centre-backs
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Giorgio Scalvini in FM24

The towering defender has strong technical attributes, such as tackling (15), marking (14), and heading (14). When it comes to his mental traits, anticipation (17), determination (16), work rate (16), teamwork (16), positioning (15), and concentration (15) are all good. Add jumping reach (15), natural fitness (15), stamina (15), and strength (14) and you have a commanding CB for the next 10+ years.

António Silva

PA Range: 150-180

Another CB who is regular at both club (Benfica) and country (Portugal), António Silva is a hard-tackling and versatile defender. He is a physically strong, right-footed centre-back, who usually features on the right-hand side of the central defense. He is able to play on both sides due to being comfortable at passing the ball with both feet.

FM24 wonderkid centre-backs
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Antonio Silva in FM24

His best attributes include tackling (15), marking (14), composure (15), determination (15), natural fitness (15), and stamina (15), while there are a bunch of 14s all around.

Ousmane Diomande

PA Range: 150-180

Now, here is a ball-playing defender and one of the most exciting on the Football Manager 2024 wonderkid centre-backs list. Ousmane Diomande could easily serve as a midfielder, thanks to his terrific attributes.

FM24 wonderkid centre-backs
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Ousmane Diomande in FM24

How many DCs have 15 passing and 16 vision? Also, Diomande possesses great traits, such as tackling (15), first touch (14), composure (16), determination (15), jumping reach (15), natural fitness (18), pace (15), stamina (15), and strength (16).

Jorrel Hato

PA Range: 150-180

Jorrel Hato is only 17, but he comes from one of the best youth academies in the world – Ajax’s. Can be successfully deployed at the DL or WBL positions, Hato’s versatility makes him useful on both ends of the pitch.

Crossing (14), aggression (14), determination (14), balance (14), jumping reach (14), and natural fitness (15) is an excellent mix for such a young player. His upside is unbelievable.

Callum Doyle

PA Range: 150-180

Currently on loan at Leicester City, Callum Doyle is a Manchester City prodigy. Just like Hato, he can cover the DL position as well.

Thanks to his heading (14), jumping reach (14), and strength (15), Doyle is able to defend against top strikers. Passing (14), anticipation (14), composure (14), positioning (14), teamwork (14), and stamina (14) are the attributes that will go up pretty soon.

More FM24 Wonderkid Centre-Backs

# Player Name Club Nation
1BeraldoSão PauloBrazil
3Robert RenanZenitBrazil
4Zeno DebastRSC AnderlechtBelgium
5Leopold QuerfeldSK Rapid ViennaAustria
6El Chadaille BitshiabuRB LeipzigFrance
7Leny YoroLilleFrance
8Ashley PhillipsTottenham HotspurEngland
9Bastien MeupiyouFC NantesFrance
10Alfie DorringtonTottenham HotspurEngland
11Ethan ButeraAjaxBelgium
12Pau CubarsíFC BarcelonaSpain
13Luka VuškovićHajduk SplitCroatia
14Dean HuijsenJuventusNetherlands
15Amidou DoumbouyaOGC NiceFrance
16Jaime VázquezOviedoSpain

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