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Editorial Policy

Gfinity Digital Media Editorial Policy is part of Gfinity Digital Media and is committed to providing wide-ranging coverage of mainstream video games from all corners of the industry.

Day to day we publish breaking news as it happens, explainers aimed at helping gamers out of a jam, and where possible review criticism that informs readers of upcoming new titles and products.

The below editorial policy sets out the site's approach to reporting, corrections, our working relationships with the industry, as well as our on-site commercial activities.

If you would like more information on any of these policies, please contact our editors.

Gfinity Digital Media Reporting

When reporting on stories we will always endeavour to cover them as accurately as humanly possible. Though we acknowledge that in this incredibly fast-paced industry - which is itself made up of thousands of constantly evolving games, monetised systems and companies - we may sometimes make mistakes.

Should readers feel we have made any errors in our reporting, we would encourage them to email editors asking for a correction or clarification.

When writing about potential leaks or rumours within the industry, we will always make sure to clearly state this in the copy and encourage readers to take every story on face value and not as gospel until it is confirmed by a company or official source.

Should new information come to light which alters the perception of any of our stories, we will always endeavour to update existing stories, or when required, by publishing an entirely fresh story.

When reporting on information first revealed by another publication, we always endeavour to provide a prominent link to credit the original work. That being said, we acknowledge that in the fast-paced environment we work in, sometimes we may forget to include links; but we encourage fellow site editors to message Gfinity editorial staff to request we put these in after publication.

On occasion, our work may sometimes require staff to travel to report on events or soon to be released games, normally at locations chosen at the discretion of publishers and third-party organisations.

In instances where Realsport staff accept travel and/or accommodation from a third party, we will disclose it within the relevant article(s).

Gfinity Digital Media Working Relationships

In order to produce content on, we will work together with game developers, publishers and other organisations.

In most cases, this means the site may receive pre-release materials [press releases, assets] and/or access to titles before they launch.

In the case of reviews for, we will endeavour to clearly outline what platform of a game we have used for review and if necessary what version of the game this was when remarking on bugs or issues we encountered.

On occasion, may be required to agree to embargoes that prevent us from publishing content until an agreed date and time. We may also agree to sign nondisclosure agreements (an NDA) that prevent us from discussing certain elements of a game.

In all cases, writers working for will endeavour to produce content which we believe is a fair reflection of the titles we discuss and play. We will not produce content where we feel an NDA may compromise our overall opinion of a game.

Gfinity Digital Media Commercial Activities

At Gfinity Digital Media we always aim to keep editorial and advertising content separate.

Any promotional content we do share on the site will always be clearly marked in headlines, for example: "Cadbury Heroes League - The Ultimate Countdown (Sponsored)"

We will sometimes link to retailers (for example, Amazon) and receive a small commission if you click a link from one of our articles onto a retail website before making a purchase. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see our Cookie Policy.

Any links included in articles do not influence editorial decisions, but will aim to inform users and where possible point towards the best price available at the time of publication.

About Gfinity Digital Media is part of Gfinity Digital Media - which in itself is part of Gfinity Group.

The Gfinity Digital Media Group owns and publishes a variety of websites which includes Gfinity Esports, Realsport101, Stealth Optional, and Epic Stream.

Each publication is operated independently of one another and has their own editorial practices which they adhere to.

There are also local editions of Realsport101 published by local teams in Spain, Portugal and the Middle East.