The home of sports games

The home of sports games

RealSport101 is the home of sports games and casual gaming. Whether it's breaking news, reviews or game guides, our team offers best-in-class content in some of the biggest games in the world.
Sports Group Manager

Toby Durant

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Toby runs the day-to-day of RealSport. Having started with the site in 2016 he is usually found deep in a Football Manager save or dominating the gridiron with his NMS squad in Madden Ultimate Team.

Football Editor

Riccardo Martone

Riccardo became the RealSport101 Football Editor in 2023 after graduating from university in International Business and Marketing. When he is not writing he can be found stuck into Football Manager or Career Mode.

Gaming Editor

Silvia Chan

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A former streamer, Silvia loves talking about her Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, League of Legends, and Valorant obsessions. She probably spends more time in Teyvat and the Rift than she does in the real world. She’s a huge fan of RPGs and rhythm games!

US Sports Writer

Francisco Carrico

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You can find Francisco writing about NBA 2K or dominating opponents in Summoner's Rift on a daily basis. He is also a huge Esports fan and is always available to debate why Device is the best CS:GO player of all time.

Senior Football Writer

Nathan Salmon

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Nathan became Senior Football Writer at RealSport in 2023 after graduating from university with first-class honours in Sports Journalism. When he’s not writing, he can be found deep into a Career Mode save, or leading his Clubs team to Division 1.